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ENGLISH 1102: #DigitalBard: New Media Approaches to Shakespearean Drama

Instructors: Dr. Jakacki, Dr. Lolis

English 1102 is designed to teach you communication and critical thinking skills that prepare you to succeed academically at Georgia Tech and professionally in the work place. Among these skills are the ability to examine the modes of communication with which you are presented throughout your lives, and to learn how to become a discerning participant of such communication – in other words, how to evaluate the credibility, relevance, currency and reliability of the sources of communication in a variety of media. We will discuss and practice strategies for effective multimodal communication – written, oral, visual, electronic, and nonverbal – as consumers and creators of effective communication. In particular, you will exercise your research abilities through a variety of assignments designed to help you strengthen your research skills in the library and online, individually and group situations.

This section of ENGL 1102 will function as a practical application of the relationship between Shakespeare studies and the digital humanities. To this end, we will focus on the utilization of electronic media to contextualize the early modern period. As we work our way through a selection of Shakespeare’s plays (including representative examples from the comedies, tragedies, and histories), students will address the influence of early modern drama in the digital age. Dr. Jakacki and Dr. Lolis will offer a combined six sections of this course. While all sections will make use of the same set of primary texts, the approach to teaching will be complementary. Jakacki and Lolis will offer guest lectures in all sections, as according to their respective expertise. Students will also engage in projects and activities that encompass all sections, including the creation of a wiki, workshops with actors from Atlanta’s Shakespeare Tavern, and the digital “networking” of a Shakespeare play. As a collective, we will rigorously engage with the work of the “Digital Bard” as we investigate the ever-changing cultural representations of Shakespearean drama in the twenty-first century.

Wiki-based Projects

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